COP26 of the UNFCCC will take place from 31 October 2021 to 12 November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. UN CC:Learn organizes and supports the following activities:

Climate Classroom

The Climate Classroom @ COP26 is an innovative learning experience designed to help those attending get quickly up-to-speed on key climate issues. Throughout COP26, our team of experts will deliver free online 45-minute classes that expose and introduce learners to a range of climate change topics – allowing delegates, professionals, and other interested parties to follow and contribute to climate discussions.

✔ Enhancing and Tracking the Arc of Ambition

01 November 2021 I David Waskow - World Resources Institute | Online | 3pm GMT

✔ Climate Change Negotiations and Health

02 November 2021 I Dr. Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum | On-site | WHO Pavilion

✔ Climate Change Adaptation

02 November 2021 I Alejandro Jiménez Hernández and Dr. Peter King - UNEP | Online | 3pm GMT

✔ Thinking, Talking, Acting Climate

03 November 2021 I UNITAR | On-site | PCCB Capacity-Building Hub

✔ Climate Change, Human Rights and Gender

04 November 2021 I Dharmistha Chauhan - UN Women | Online | 10am GMT

✔ Climate Change Negotiations and Health

04 November 2021 I Elena Villalobos Prats | On-site | WHO Pavilion

✔ Climate Change and Human Rights

05 November 2021 I Therese Arnesen - OHCHR | Online | 10am GMT

✔ Mitigation and Carbon Market Mechanisms

05 November 2021 I Miguel Naranjo - UNFCCC| Online | 3pm GMT

✔ Enhancing and Tracking the Arc of Ambition

08 November 2021 I Taryn Fransen - World Resources Institute | Online | 3pm GMT

✔ Climate Change Communication and Youth

09 November 2021 I Wilna Botha - MIET Africa | Online | 10am GMT

✔ Changing the Narrative of Climate Change

09 November 2021 I Angus Mackay - UNITAR | Hybrid | SDG Pavilion

✔ Climate Finance and the Paris Agreement

10 November 2021 I Carola Menzel-Hausherr and Christine Gruening - Frankfurt School - UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance | Online | 10am GMT

✔ Teaching Climate Change

10 November 2021 I Asha Alexander - GEMS Education | Online | 3pm GMT

✔ The Role of the Private Sector in Climate Action

11 November 2021 I Danone | Online | 10am GMT

✔ Climate Change and Gender

11 November 2021 I Babette Resurrección - Queen's University | Online | 3pm GMT

✔ Thinking, Talking, Acting Climate

18 November 2021 I Colm Hastings and Julia Villalba - UNITAR | Online | 10am GMT

COP26 Library of UN Ressources

UN CC:Learn hosts the library of documents produced by UN partners which are relevant for COP 26.

Events Supported by UN CC:Learn

The Climate Crisis: A Child Rights Crisis

Thursday, 11 November 2021 I 13:15 – 14:30 I Clyde Auditorium (175 pax)

This event will: 1. Provide a platform for youth to vocalise their views and demands at COP26; 2. Enable countries to formally acknowledge the centrality of children to the climate crisis through their alignment to the Declaration on Children, Youth and Climate Action or other means.

Speakers: Lead organization: UNICEF. Supporting organizations: UNFCCC – YOUNGO, OHCHR, UNITAR, FAO, UNECLAC / CEPAL, UNDP.

Innovative Finance, Solutions and Partnerships for Evidence-based Decision Making

Thursday, 11 November 2021 I 11:30 – 12:45 I Clyde Auditorium (175 pax)

The event will explore how science, innovative finance and solutions and global partnerships can support raised ambition for delivering NDC and NAP aligned climate adaptation that meets the needs of vulnerable communities in LDCs, SIDS and African nations. Experts and High-level speakers.

Speakers: United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and UN-Habitat.

Your Climate Story

Everyone has a climate story so… what is yours?

Your climate story tells your personal experience with climate change. Sharing it with others will help them understand how climate change is happening and what can be done to tackle it. Furthermore, you will inspire people across the world to take the lead and contribute to a positive transformation toward a more climate-resilient society.

Our participants on Climate Classroom at @COP26 are invited to share their climate stories. This can be something you’ve already done in the past, or a pledge to take action in the future. Check out your e-mail and join us!