From Spectators to Change Makers: UN CC:Learn Puts Youth in the Lead of Climate Change Discussions

2 December 2020

Between October and November 2020, UN CC:Learn invited youth from across the world to a series of online discussions: the Virtual Youth Climate Dialogues. We’ve received 300 applications for seven events in English, Spanish and French, which brought together over 80 youth from different ages and backgrounds, but united in goal: finding solutions for the climate crisis.


Read on and learn more about this enriching experience.

UNITAR and the World Bank Unveil the Potential of Carbon Taxes

23 November 2020

How effective can putting a price on carbon be in the fight against climate change? That’s what you will find out in our course on Carbon Taxation.


This 12-hour, self-paced course walks you through the ins and outs of carbon tax and explains the social, economic and environmental benefits that can come from it. Interested? Take the course today to start learning more about carbon taxes.

What’s for Dinner? Bringing Sustainability to the Table

19 October 2020

In celebration of World Food Day, UN CC:Learn and Danone launched the Sustainable Diet e-course in Portuguese. The course has been taken by more than 12,000 learners from all over the world and it can be found at UN CC:e-learn platform.

Join our Virtual Youth Climate Dialogues!

12 October 2020

Want to discuss the global challenges posed by climate change with other young people?


We are hosting a series of Virtual Youth Climate Dialogues that will bring together young people from all across the globe in a series of discussions about climate change and green economy.


Register yourself below to get a chance to participate.

Kenya Makes Steady Progress in the Development of its National Climate Change Learning Strategy

2 October 2020

Kenya’s Climate Change Directorate in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry convened stakeholders for a two-part virtual event of the National Planning Workshop that brought together over 50 representatives from government, national education and training institutions, academia and research institutions, civil society, the private sector, UN agencies and development partners. The aim of the workshop was to foster discussion and stimulate a structured process to develop the National Climate Change Learning Strategy.


UN Secretary-General Sent a Message to the UN CC:Learn Partnership

29 September 2020

‘Climate education is crucial for raising the ambition we need to address the existential threat of climate change’, said the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, in celebration of the issuance of 100,000 certificates of course completion on UN CC:e-Learn platform.

Check out the full letter sent by Mr António Guterres to the UN CC:Learn Partnership and its community.

UN CC:Learn Celebrates the issuance of 100,000 certificates!

18 September 2020

UN CC:Learn has reached an important milestone: the issuance of 100,000 certificates of course completion from its e-learning platform. And to acknowledge this important accomplishment, an online event was hosted on 18 September. For one hour, people who are part of UN CC:Learn history engaged in discussions about the program, its results, and its future.

New UN CC:Learn Knowledge Sharing Platform

17 September 2020

The UN CC:Learn Knowledge Sharing Platform has been completely revamped. The newly launched website broadens its focus to reach a large and varied audience interested in climate change learning, cementing UN CC:Learn commitment to creating the best user experience for all.

Learning for a Green Recovery E-Course Series

16 September 2020

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy has launched a series of global e-learning products that address key policy issues central to the green recovery debate. The six online courses are free, self-paced, and can act as an invaluable building block as countries plan their economic responses to COVID-19—serving to inform and shape the public policy debate around green economic reform.