The Partnership for Action on Green Economy has launched a series of global e-learning products that address key policy issues central to the green recovery debate. The six online courses are free, self-paced, and can act as an invaluable building block as countries plan their economic responses to COVID-19—serving to inform and shape the public policy debate around green economic reform.

Now is the Time to Build Back Green

Five UN Agencies Tap Expertise for Courses Aimed at Green Economic Recovery

UN Environment ProgrammeInternational Labour OrganizationUN Development ProgrammeUN International Development Organization and UN Institute of Training and Research — under the auspices of PAGE, have launched a global learning campaign aimed at fostering a wide-reaching green economic recovery post-COVID-19. The online courses, developed through agency collaboration, are individual and self-paced and can serve to directly address capacity gaps in developing and implementing policies central to achieving green, inclusive growth.

With economic investment into national recovery packages estimated to reach up to US$ 20 trillion over the next 18 months, informed recovery decisions are crucial. Targeting varying starting points and thematic focuses, the courses aim to equip users with the necessary knowledge and skills to support the systematic integration of environmental sustainability in national economic recovery strategies and stimulus packages, sectoral programmes and policy reforms, as well as strengthen collective national ownership of job-rich green economic recovery efforts.

Overall, this concerted effort promotes the benefits of a long-term strategy to align economic recovery with SDGs and 1.5 degree target for climate change. As leaders are looking towards the future, strong learning resources can become the crux for the future we want.

The courses are available to anyone and the range of topics includes green economy, fiscal reforms, trade, green industrial policy, green economy indicators, and sustainable finance.  All of the courses, which are free and self-paced, will be available on the UN CC:Learn Platform, which has almost ½ million registered users worldwide.

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