UN CC:Learn in Malawi

Strengthening Human Resources and Skills to Address Climate Change

Malawi is experiencing high climate variability and increased incidence of extreme weather events. In order to strengthen individual skills and institutional capacities to foster green and climate resilient development, the country is implementing a national UN CC:Learn Project. Through the Project the country is taking a strategic and results-oriented approach to climate change learning with involvement of key sectors and stakeholders.

The Project in Malawi is coordinated through the existing structures of the National Climate Change Programme including key sectors and stakeholders.

The Government of Malawi with support from its cooperating partners is implementing a comprehensive National Climate Change Programme.

Key elements of the Project include the development of a National Climate Change Learning Strategy and the implementation of a number of Priority Actions.

The UN CC:Learn Project aims to provide value added to existing UN initiatives in Malawi to support a green and climate resilient transformation.