The Teachers

Joy REYES is a climate justice lawyer from the Philippines. She is the Technical Advisor of the Klima Policy Centre in the Manila Observatory and a Staff Lawyer at the Legal Rights and Natural Resources Center (Friends of the Earth Philippines), and has published work on climate justice, climate governance, and loss and damage. She holds psychology, political science, and Juris Doctor degrees, and is currently pursuing her MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society at the University of Edinburgh.

The Class

The class will discuss Loss and Damage, its historical underpinnings, and associated concepts like climate justice and human rights. It will provide insights as well on the updates on Loss and Damage in the international negotiations, particularly on the establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund.

When & Where?

Friday 1st December, at 10AM CET (check your time zone).

Online videoconference Zoom.

Learning Resources

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