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Marie-Claire Graf
Marie-Claire Graf is a climate justice activist, youth advocate and public speaker for a just transition towards sustainable development and ambitious climate action through her diverse engagement in several initiatives on a local, national and international level. It’s her aspiration to inspire and empower youth to take meaningful, impactful and positive actions to create a momentum for change. She has initiated and is leading several associations and movements around climate action, sustainable development, youth and women empowerment, food systems transformation and education such as Sustainability Week International or Youth Constituency YOUNGO of UN Climate Change. In 2022 she founded the Climate Youth Negotiator Programme (CYNP) as the first programme of the Youth Negotiators Academy.

Veena Balakrishnan
Veena Balakrishnan is an entrepreneur, social innovator, and enabler. The singular most important question that is a part of her belief system is – are her actions aligning with her purpose in life? It is this question that fundamentally drives her to lean into her purpose unapologetically and find her place in the community. Her brush with sustainable development began quite early – even as a child, deeply caring about building an environmentally and socially conscious society. She is the Founder of Everwards India, a social enterprise that couples solving serious environmental hazards through product innovation and grassroot empowerment in India. She is also the Co – Founder of The Green Team, an accredited initiative in Technical University Munich, empowering next generation change-makers in sustainability. Veena is also a communications specialist with a decade of experience, especially for NGOs, and a freelance features writer and led Communications for YOUNGO.

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