The Expert

Dr. Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum, Head of the Climate Change and Health Unit, World Health Organization (WHO)
Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum is the Head of the Climate Change and Health Unit at WHO Headquarters.  He has worked on the issue for over 20 years, playing key roles in the first quantitative estimates of global health impacts of climate change, resolutions of the World Health Assembly, WHO global conferences, and the expansion of WHO’s climate change and health support to over 30 low and middle income countries. A keen cyclist, he rode from Geneva to Paris for WHO’s 2nd Global Conference on Health and Climate Change.

The Class

Climate change is resulting in poorer health outcomes, increasing mortality and is a driver of health inequities. However, health is well placed to be a significant part of the solution. For example, the positive health impacts from stronger climate change action can motivate stronger global ambition; health systems that are resilient to climate change can help protect their populations from the negative impacts; and a green and health recovery from COVID-19 can make a substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening our resilience to health shocks.

This class on Climate Change and Health presents key information on climate change and its impacts on human health, provides an overview of the international climate change negotiations so far, and considers entry points to address health issues and priorities within climate change negotiations and policies.

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11 November 2022 I WHO Health Pavilion at COP27 | 8AM CET – 9AM EET.

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