Léonce Glèlè Ahanhanzo

Country: Benin

Organization: Ministry of Environment

Contact: [email protected]

Mr. Léonce Glèlè Ahanhanzo was the national coordinator of the UN CC:Learn project in Benin from 2011 to 2013. With the support of his team and under the National UNFCCC Focal Point, he managed the daily activities of the project and prepared the development and implementation of Benin’s national climate change learning strategy.

Léonce  graduated  both  in  Electromechanical Engineering as  well  as  in  Information System Engineering. He has mostly worked in the private sector where he developed expertise in the implementation of energy systems (solar energy), as well as in the design and integration of information systems in the fields of education and health ― fields which he has further extended since 2010 to environment and energy information systems.

At the Environment Ministry, his main responsibility is the implementation of Article 6 of the UNFCCC. He also works on matters related to climate change mitigation, technology transfer, energy savings and green energy.