Daniel Abreu Mejia

Country: Dominican Republic

Organization: National Council for Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism

Mr. Daniel Abreu Mejía is the UN CC:Learn focal point in the Dominican Republic. He was part of the UN CC:Learn project from the start of the planning process, through the implementation of learning activities under the National Climate Change Learning Strategy, and to the final evaluation of the project.

He has worked as a researcher for the UNDP Human Development Office, as a Coordinator of Participation of Adolescents and Youth for UNICEF, as well as for the Dominican Federation of Municipalities. He is a member of the Advisory Board on Risk Management of the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic and currently serves as a consultant on initiatives related to risk management and climate change adaptation for various UN agencies and other multilateral cooperation agencies.

Daniel holds certificates in Development Studies and Climate Change from the Institute of Social Studies of the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and in Public Policy from the University of Barcelona. He has completed research internationally on issues related to climate change, democratic participation and risk management for institutions such as the GIZ, Greenpeace International, Transparency International and the Latin America offices of UNDP and UNICEF.