Name: Neeshad Shafo

Country: Qatar

Gender: Male

Age: 25 – 29 years old

Courses completed: Intro Course on Climate Change

Story ID: 356


I took the course early in the days when I wanted to do something on climate change science understanding and advocacy. The course helped me not only understand but also encouraged me to found the Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar (AYCM), which is the first and only registered youth climate advocacy and awareness NGO association in the State of Qatar.

Does your story also contribute to gender equality?

At AYCM Qatar we are founded on the principle of gender equality, very few organisation both private or public can claim what we do, more then 50% of our team comprises of women board members and we have always given up most space for women and youth girls in various programs of ours. In fact, I was invited to GEF summit in Bonn in 2019 to share my story of having women leaders in our team since it’s a rare sight in any organisation, especially in the Middle East.