Name: Amjed Khan

Country: Pakistan

Gender: Male

Age: 55 – 64 years old

Courses completed: Intro Course on Climate Change and Climate Change: From Learning to Action

Story ID: 337


I am working as Senior Scientist (Entomology) in Agriculture department of public sector. The story of Climate change was not new for me nevertheless the UN initiated training courses about Climate Change changed my vision, motivated to act and increased my knowledge & helped me a lot to make other people understand about it.

These courses have helped me to play my part in the awareness creation about climate change and it’s mitigation among many people at various forums. I have conducted more than fifty trainings for farmers, scientists and common people since the completion of these courses and assured people by telling about the indicators of climate change, it’s mitigation and individual role to minimize its effects. The role of different communities in its mitigation.

My slogan is that  “save your kids from increasing heat by avoiding the excessive use of even paper pin”. I’m a highly motivated scientist and I’ve changed all my research plans to mitigate the global heating which includes the farm practices to diminish the inputs and seek help from nature, rather than resorting to the blind use of chemicals. Future plans include the continuation of communities awareness and motivation to act and the use of press, electronic and social media to work for the subject matter under discussion.

Does your story also contribute to gender equality?

Both genders are doing their best for the betterment of their livelihoods and they are to help each other for the best outcomes.