Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

UN CC:Learn Steering Group

The UN CC:Learn Steering Group regroups Focal Points from each of the 34 global partner organizations. The Group meets annually at the Steering Group meeting in Geneva. This forum reviews progress with the annual work programme and provides feedback and guidance on overall project implementation.

The following organizations are currently members of the Steering Group: CEB, EMG, FAO, GEF Secretariat, IDB, IFAD, ILO, IMO, ITU, OCHA, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNECA, UNEP, UNESCAP, UNESCO, UNESCWA UNFCCC, UNFPA, UNHABITAT, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNISDR, UNITAR, UNSSC, UNU, UN WOMEN, UNWTO, UPU, WFP, WHO, WMO, WTO, and the World Bank.   

The Steering Group may be expanded, or meetings may be held together with national partners, interested development agencies, as well as relevant learning institutions working in the area of climate change.

Participants of the 4th UN CC:Learn Steering Group Meeting, 2-3 October 2013, Geneva.Participants of the 4th UN CC:Learn Steering Group Meeting, October 2013

Steering Group Meeting 2016Participants of 6th UN CC:Learn annual meeting, February 2016