Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

UN CC:Learn News

  • UN CC:Learn Partner Countries Share Experiences on the Implementation of their National Learning Strategies

    09 March 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland

    UN CC:Learn held a 3-day workshop to promote knowledge and experience sharing among its partner countries on the development and implementation of their national climate change learning strategies. 

  • UN CC:Learn Global Members Discuss the New 2017-2020 Implementation Phase

    06 March 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland

    The Steering Group Meeting provided the Secretariat with a wealth of ideas and suggestions for the new implementation phase of the programme. 

  • ZCO2 and UN CC:Learn Are Bringing Climate Change Education to Rio de Janeiro

    01 March 2018 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    ZCO2 and UN CC:Learn have partnered to increase awareness about climate change sensitive issues in the urban context of Rio de Janeiro’s low-income communities.

  • A Lucky Plan for Climate Change Education in Ethiopia?

    01 March 2018 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    In Ethiopia, the impacts of climate change are easy to see, from the increasing frequency of dry periods and droughts, to the unpredictability of rains. The country’s world-famous uplands – cradle of the world’s coffee industry – are not being spared either, with a noticeable upward shift in mean temperatures.

  • Climate Change Adaptation MOOC Reached Thousands of Learners

    02 February 2018 | Online

    The MOOC on National Adaptation Plans: Building Climate Resilience into Agriculture provided a new e-learning environment, raising awareness and building the capacities of a wide range of interested stakeholders in climate change adaptation planning, specifically for the agriculture sectors.

  • UN CC:Learn Blog Shares Climate Change Learning Impact Stories

    23 January 2018 | Online

    A series of blogs has been launched with the aim to feature success stories generating impact on communities and the lives of people, upon gaining knowledge and skills on climate change.

  • Promoting Education for Sustainable Development

    18 December 2017 | Okayama, Japan

    The First RCE Thematic Conference: Towards Achieving the SDGs provided an opportunity for Regional Centres of Expertise (RCE) representatives to meet and share best practices, focusing on three specific areas: 1) Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, 2) Climate Change, and 3) Sustainable Consumption and Production.

  • New e-Tutorial on CO2 Emission Reduction in the Aviation Sector

    01 December 2017 | Montreal, Canada

    A new joint effort lead to a new capacity building tool on CO2 emissions reduction from international aviation.

  • UN CC:Learn Commits to 30 Youth Climate Dialogues by 2020

    28 November 2017 | Geneva, Switzerland

    Every year, on 20 November, we celebrate the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was adopted in 1989. This year, UNICEF focused on children’s right to participate by encouraging “Kids Take Over” worldwide, a call to action “for children, by children.”

  • UN CC:Learn Supports Education Day at COP23

    27 November 2017 | Bonn, Germany

    To highlight the importance of promoting knowledge and skills development, the 23rd Conferences of the Parties (COP23) to the UNFCCC, held in Bonn from 6-17 November, dedicated a full day to climate change education in their programme. UN CC:Learn and the UN System have actively participated in the activities of the day.