Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

UN CC:Learn Steering Group Meeting Took Place on 7-8 July 2011

08 July 2011 | Geneva, Switzerland

The Steering Group met from 7-8 July 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland to select three countries from among 25 countries that expressed an interest in the UN CC:Learn Pilot Projects to Strengthen Human Resources, Learning and Skills Development to Address Climate Change. The decision of the Steering Group will be released soon. The meeting  also advanced the development of joint training materials, and discussed next steps in preparation of the COP 17/CMP 7 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), 28 November - 9 December 2011, Durban, South Africa.

UN CC:Learn is guided by a Steering Group which comprises 29 agencies including CEB, EMG, FAO, GEF Secretariat, IFAD, ILO, ITU, OCHA, UNAIDS, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCAP, UNESCO, UNESCWA, UNFCCC, UNFPA, UNHABITAT, UNIDO, UNISDR, UNITAR, UNSSC, UN WOMEN, UNWTO, UPU, WFP, WHO, WMO, the World Bank, WTO, as well as donors.

The UN CC:Learn Steering Group meets at least once a year face-to-face, with additional interaction taking place through electronic means.