Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

UN CC:Learn Partners Welcome IMO in the Partnership!

17 April 2015 | Geneva, Switzerland

IMO LogoDid you know that international shipping is the most energy efficient mode of mass transport? However, as sea transport will continue growing apace with world trade, a global approach to further improve its energy efficiency and effective emission control is needed. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has been energetically pursuing the limitation and reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from international shipping, in recognition of the magnitude of the climate change challenge and the intense focus on this topic.​​​​ As such, it works both on setting standards for the industry, as well as provide training for countries to implement them. The UN CC:Learn partners are happy to welcome IMO in their midst, given it provides climate change training in this critical sector.

Discover more of IMO’s publications on the subject of climate change here, or visit their website:

Ship going through the Panama canal