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New Resource Guide for Advanced Learning on Climate Change and Cities

19 October 2016 | Geneva, Switzerland

As part of its advanced learning series UN CC:Learn launches a new Resource Guide for Advanced Learning on Climate Change and Cities, produced with technical advice from the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat).

The learning resources presented in this Guide are drawn primarily from within the UN and partners to UN CC:Learn, designed to inform interested groups in learning more about climate change in urban areas. This material complements the UN CC:Learn Introductory e-Course on Climate Change, as well as the Specialised Module on Climate Change and Cities, focusing on the following learning topics.

  1. Cities’ Contribution to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  2. Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments in Urban Areas
  3. Vulnerable Groups in Urban Areas
  4. Concrete Actions on Urban Mitigation and Adaptation
  5. Integrating Climate Change into Local Planning
  6. Mobilising Financial Resources

This Guide facilitates access to existing state-of the-art materials relevant for climate change learning and cities. It is written from the perspective of a learner who perhaps understands the basics of the topic but is seeking to obtain a more advanced understanding by gaining quick access to the most relevant learning materials. The Guide covers selected climate change topics that have been identified as a priority from a country perspective.

The PDF and Interactive versions are both available online at UN CC:Learn Resource Guides for Advanced Learning on Climate Change.