Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

Agreement Signed for the Promotion of Climate Change Education in the Dominican Republic

11 March 2013 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The National Council for Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism (CNCCMDL) of the Government of the Dominican Republic has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Teacher Training Institute (INAFOCAM) to develop a Training Programme on Climate Change for Teachers. This initiative is part of the UN CC:Learn Partnership. The high-level event was also attended by teachers, and a representative of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). 

Ms. Adriana Valenzuela from UNITAR; Ms. Denia Burgos from INAFOCAM; Mr. Omar Ramírez and Mr. Moisés Álvarez from CNCCMDL

The project aims at strengthening capacities to integrate Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development (CCESD) into secondary school education. It is coordinated by the National Council for Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism (CNCCMDL) in partnership with the Ministry of Education and INAFOCAM. At the international level UNITAR and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are providing technical assistance and financial resources. 

Mr. Omar Ramírez, Secretary of State and Executive Vice President of the CNCCMDL

Mr. Omar Ramírez, Secretary of State and Executive Vice President of the CNCCMDL stated that a long term approach to addressing climate change in the Dominican Republic requires integration of key climate change issues into the education system to educate young citizens about the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change. 

Ms. Denia Burgos, National Director of INAFOCAM

Ms. Denia Burgos, National Director of INAFOCAM stated that in this ground breaking agreement on climate change education, INAFOCAM is committed to promoting initiatives designed to prepare teachers and students to build a sustainable world. 
This agreement will be implemented from March to December 2013 mobilizing around 130,000 USD from both national (INAFOCAM) and international resources (UN CC:Learn). Project activities include: 
  • Adapt an existing UNESCO course on CCESD to the Dominican context; 
  • Organize a national pilot workshop to train trainers; 
  • Organize 10 regional workshops to train 400 teachers in 18 regions of the Dominican Republic; 
  • Follow-up on the implementation of CCESD in selected teacher training institutions; 
  • Implement an international exchange programme for teachers in collaboration with other Latin American countries. 

About UN CC:Learn

UN CC:Learn is a partnership of 34 multilateral organizations which supports Member States in designing and implementing results-oriented and sustainable learning to address climate change. The Secretariat for UN CC:Learn is provided by UNITAR. An important aspect of UN CC:Learn is to support countries in developing a National Strategy to Strengthen Human Resources and Skills to Advance Green, Low Emission and Climate Resilient Development, through a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder process. During the course of 2012-2013, Benin, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Malawi, and Uganda are participating as UN CC:Learn pilot countries. Core funding for the 2011-2013 implementation phase of UN CC:Learn is provided by the Swiss Government.