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  • Online course on Principles for Reviewing Environmental Impact Assessment

    26 May 2020 to 6 Jul 2020 | Online

    This course is designed to provide practical guidance to professionals involved in the review and evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessments. It is aimed at professionals who participate in the process of reviewing proposed projects, policies, or programs and/or those working on environmental protection and management, social or natural sciences, public management, etc. and who review and evaluate the results of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) carried out by others. It is intended to apply to a range of legal, institutional, and cultural scenarios and to be used by reviewers from any country where Environmental Impact Assessments are conducted. The course is divided into five modules:

    1) The EIA process and the role of the reviewer;
    2 & 3) Evaluation of an Environmental Impact Assessment document, parts 1 and 2;
    4) Preparation and communication of the reviewer's comments; and
    5) Resources for the reviewer and course closing.

    This course will have one optional synchronous session (live through videoconference) during module 2, on Wednesday at 12:00 PM, Washington DC time. Your participation will not affect your course grade, but we recommend this session to solve questions on the curriculum and the course development.

    Organization(s): IDB

    Language(s): English, Spanish and Portuguese