Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

Upcoming Learning Events

  • The 53rd Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum

    26 Aug 2019 to 28 Aug 2019 | Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    The forum will bring together climate scientists, researchers, users from key socio-economic sectors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, development partners, decision- makers, and civil society stakeholders among others. Several user specific workshops will be organized during the forum, including Agriculture and Food Security, Livestock, Water Resources, Energy, Health, and Disaster Risk Management. The forum will be preceded by a capacity building training workshop for climate experts from the NMHSs of the ICPAC Member States to be held at ICPAC, Nairobi, Kenya from 19 to 24 August 2019.

    The main objectives of the forum will be to:

    a) Review lessons/experiences from the use of the products provided during GHACOF 52;

    b) Follow up on the implementation of proposed mitigation measures proposed in GHACOF 52; 2

    c) Develop consensus regional climate outlook for the October to December 2019 season;

    d) Formulate mitigation strategies for key socio-economic sectors in the GHA region based on the consensus seasonal forecast

    e) Provide a regional interaction platform for decision makers, climate scientists, research scientists as well as users of climate information.

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    Organization(s): World Meteorological Organization (WMO) 

    Partner(s): Intergovernmental Authority on Development, Climate Prediction and Applications Centre, Tanzania Meteorological Agency

    Language(s): English

  • Asia-Pacific Climate Week

    2 Sep 2019 to 6 Sep 2019 | Shenzhen, China

    This event is designed to advance regional climate action. It aims to support the implementation of Asia-Pacific countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement on climate change and action to deliver on the SDGs. APCW is envisioned as a stepping stone to the UN 2019 Climate Summit.

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    Organization(s): United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

    Language(s): English

  • Executive course on Strategic Communication for Sustainable Development

    16 Sep 2019 to 19 Sep 2019 | Bonn, Germany

    Recognizing communication as a core leadership function, this 3.5-day executive course equips senior UN staff, as well as senior public and private sector representatives, with the skills and strategic toolkit required to articulate and actively communicate a credible and convincing strategic vision for the UN, aligned with the 2030 Agenda.


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    Deadline for registration is 02 September 2019.

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    Organization(s): UNSSC

    Language(s): English

  • UN 2019 Climate Summit

    23 Sep 2019 | New York, USA

    This event focuses on the theme ‘A Race We Can Win. A Race We Must Win,’ and aims at challenging stakeholders, raging from states, regions, cities, to companies, investors and citizens, to step up action in key areas, such as energy transition, climate finance and carbon pricing, industry transition, nature-based solutions, cities and local action, and resilience. 

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    Organization(s): United Nations

    Language(s): English

  • International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power

    7 Oct 2019 to 11 Oct 2019 | Vienna, Austria

    The conference provides a platform to discuss objectively the scientific and technical aspects of the role of nuclear power in combating climate change. Topics covered in the conference include: challenges and opportunities for existing nuclear power plants with respect to their continuous contribution to the avoidance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; factors necessary to support high rates of deployment, including for advanced nuclear power technologies, consistent with achieving the climate change goals, including those established in the Paris Agreement; and the prospects for synergies between nuclear power and other low carbon energy sources.

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    Organization(s): IAEA

    Language(s): English

  • Academy on the Green Economy

    7 Oct 2019 to 18 Oct 2019 | Turin, Italy

    This learning event aims to build capacities for the promotion of inclusive green economies that create income and jobs, reduce poverty and inequality, and protect the environment. The learning sessions equip policy-makers, technical staff and practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to reframe policies and practices around sustainability. They also stimulate sharing of experiences on reforms, incentives, business models, and partnerships that catalyse green economy actions at country and institutional level.

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    Organization(s): ILO, UN environment, UNDP, UNITAR, UNIDO

    Partner(s): Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE)

    Language(s): English, French, Spanish

  • The 5th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture 2019

    8 Oct 2019 to 10 Oct 2019 | Bali, Indonesia

    The overarching theme of the 5th conference, ‘Transforming food systems under a changing climate’, takes cognizance of the need for transformation and aims to build the knowledge base needed to support the transformation required.

    The conference will aim to achieve the following objectives:

    - To mobilize the knowledge needed for food systems transformation under climate change.

    - To catalyze the partnerships needed for transformation, bringing together all key stakeholders, from scientists, policy makers, investors and farmers.

    Information about the programme here 

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  • Course on Opportunities for Green Jobs in the Waste Sector

    11 Nov 2019 to 15 Nov 2019 | Turin, Italy

    This course addresses the potential for decent work promotion and green business development across the waste value chain, focusing on waste collection, sorting and recycling. Lessons are drawn from international literature, analysis of case studies and interviews with practitioners. 

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    Organization(s): ILO

    Language(s): English

  • Course on Green Building and Construction: Pathway Towards Inclusive Growth and the Creation of Decent and Green Jobs

    2 Dec 2019 to 6 Dec 2019 | Turin, Italy

    This course contributes to a better understanding of how greening of the building and construction industry can lead to sustainable inclusive growth and the creation of green and decent jobs. It sheds light on the employment-related dimensions of the transition towards green building and construction. Topics addressed include skills requirements, working conditions, sustainable enterprise development.

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    Organization(s): ILO

    Language(s): English

  • Transforming Education Conference for Humanity

    10 Dec 2019 to 12 Dec 2019 | Vizag City, India

    The Conference is being organised by UNESCO MGIEP with the State Government of Andhra Pradesh, India and aims at showcasing the role of digital technologies in enabling a shift from “transmissive pedagogies” to “transformative pedagogies” to create more peaceful and sustainable societies, in line with the UN SDG 4.7.


    Potential participants are invited to send proposals for the following themes till August 31, 2019.
    1.       Theme 1: Transformative Pedagogies for Social and Emotional Learning
    2.       Theme 2: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Planetary Citizenship
    3.       Theme 3: Data, Learning and Education – the role of Artificial Intelligence


    More details on the website here:


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    Organization(s): UNESCO

    Partner(s): State Government of Andhra Pradesh, India

    Language(s): English

  • The Tenth session of the World Urban Forum

    8 Feb 2020 to 13 Feb 2020 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

    This event provides the opportunity for participants involved in all aspects of urbanization to share practices and knowledge on how cities are built, planned and managed. Sessions on sustainable cities will be held during the Forum.

    Current discussions have outlined the importance to address the following issues for further consideration:

    - Innovative financing mechanisms for sustainable cities

    - Innovative urban solutions in housing, mobility, planning, and governance

    - Technology and data as enablers for sustainable cities

    - Building human and social capital to build a sustainable urban future, with a special focus on youth and women

    - Empowering cities as open investment platforms to harness an enabling business and regulatory environments

    - The impact of migration on cities

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    Organization(s): UN-Habitat

    Language(s): English