Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition

Upcoming Learning Events

  • Webinar: Detecting Drought and Vegetation Health with Remote Sensing

    21 Jan 2020 | Online

    Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about the Earth’s surface without being in physical contact with it. Satellites cover large areas on the ground with relatively high detail, providing information about vegetation and water content. As a result, remote sensing is a valuable tool for large-scale studies of vegetation health and drought.


    This webinar and online lecture will provide an overview of remote sensing-based indices and derived metrics that can be used for characterizing, assessing and monitoring vegetation conditions and drought (impacts) at both regional and global scales.


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    Organization(s): UNU-EHS

    Language(s): English

  • 32nd UN-Water Meeting

    28 Jan 2020 to 29 Jan 2020 | Rome, Lazio, Italy

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  • The Tenth session of the World Urban Forum

    8 Feb 2020 to 13 Feb 2020 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

    This event provides the opportunity for participants involved in all aspects of urbanization to share practices and knowledge on how cities are built, planned and managed. Sessions on sustainable cities will be held during the Forum.

    Current discussions have outlined the importance to address the following issues for further consideration:

    - Innovative financing mechanisms for sustainable cities

    - Innovative urban solutions in housing, mobility, planning, and governance

    - Technology and data as enablers for sustainable cities

    - Building human and social capital to build a sustainable urban future, with a special focus on youth and women

    - Empowering cities as open investment platforms to harness an enabling business and regulatory environments

    - The impact of migration on cities

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    Organization(s): UN-Habitat

    Language(s): English

  • Africa Climate Week

    9 Mar 2020 to 13 Mar 2020 | Kampala, Uganda

    Regional Climate Weeks (RCWs) inspire individuals and organizations to become part of the momentum created by the global climate agreement in Paris. It is a unique collaborative platform where both governments and non-governmental organizations stakeholders gather to address the gamut of relevant climate issues under one umbrella.

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    Organization(s): UNFCCC

  • Innovate4Climate

    26 May 2020 to 28 May 2020 | Barcelona, Spain

    The I4C 2019 summit will focus on three areas where meaningful transformation is possible:

    * The power of sustainable cooling

    * The promise of battery storage

    * The potential for climate-smart urban development

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  • Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week

    6 Jul 2020 to 10 Jul 2020 | Dominican Republic

    Regional Climate Weeks bring together private- and public-sector representatives to share ideas and make connections in discussions, meetings and exhibitions on diverse themes related to climate action and sustainable development. They are meant to encourage and facilitate the implementation of ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement and help deliver on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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    Organization(s): UNFCCC