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Introduction to National Adaptation Plans @SB50


Established in 2010 under the UNFCCC, the national adaptation plans (NAPs) are the government’s response to climate risks, to reduce vulnerability to climate change and to facilitate integration of climate change adaptation into development planning. They are the main instrument for guiding adaptation planning and implementation at the national level. Many countries have embarked on the process to formulate and implement NAPs, with different levels of experience and progress. This classroom will provide an overview the NAPs and the progress made thus far. It will provide latest developments on technical guidance to help accelerate NAPs and raise adaptation ambition. It will also highlight activities geared towards helping all LDCs produce their first NAPs on time by 2020.


Motsomi leads the LDC Unit in the Adaptation Programme of the UNFCCC Secretariat. His responsibilities are supporting the intergovernmental process and activities regarding the least developed countries (LDCs), the work of the LDC Expert Group, the national adaptation plans (NAPs), the national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs) and related adaptation provisions under the Paris Agreement. His work includes facilitating linkages between countries, various actors and stakeholders in advancing adaptation. Prior to joining the UNFCCC Secretariat, Motsomi worked for the Government of Lesotho with leading roles on climate monitoring, national climate change policy and implementation.


Save the Date! 

Our Climate Classroom will take place on Monday June 17th at 2:30pm at the World Conference Center, Rhin Level.