Miser sur la population et la formation au développement vert et résilient face aux changements climatiques

  • Webinar: Characterizing and Assessing Drought Risk and Drought Impacts at the Global and Regional Level

    26 fevr 2019 | Online

    This introductory webinar provides a general overview of the objectives of the Globe Drought. It discusses the relevance of understanding and assessing drought risk and its sectoral impacts in order to create more resilience societies. The leading questions to be addressed include: what is a drought, how can it be characterized, why does it matter globally (past events & impacts, future outlook), what is drought risk, what are key components, why do we need to understand and assess drought risk? This webinar is free of charge and no background is needed in order to register. 

    Organisation(s): United Nations University

    Langue(s): Anglais

    Website: https://grow-globedrought.net/webinars/