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UN CC:Learn News

  • Indonesia’s Climate Change Learning Strategy Gets a Boost from Germany

    22 octubre 2014 | Putussibau, Indonesia

    Indonesia’s National Climate Change Learning Strategy has secured funding to expand its support for REDD+ with a further training event for local decision makers funded by GIZ.  The event, which took place in Putussibau on 21-22 October 2014, is a great example of the way in which UN CC:Learn can leverage further activity by attracting co-financing.

  • Malawi's Latest Step in Promoting Climate Change Education

    27 septiembre 2014 | Malawi

    As part of their effort to integrate climate change education in Malawi’s primary school curricula, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Malawi recently launched a publication called Climate Change Sourcebook for Primary School Teachers.

  • Update on Indonesia REDD+ Training

    29 julio 2014 | West Kalimatan, Indonesia

    Indonesia is moving forward with additional training on REDD+, following the a workshop organized through UN CC:Learn. As part of the project, existing Ministry of Forestry training materials were updated and translated. These will now be used for additional training events in the Kapuas Hulu district, West Kalimantan.

  • The Dominican Republic’s UN CC:Learn Programme Leverages USD 1 Million in National Funds for Climate Change Teacher Training

    10 junio 2014 | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

    The National Council on Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism (CNCCMD) of the Dominican Republic has announced that the country will invest a further 1 million USD from the national budget in climate change training for teachers in 2014-2016. The training programme is based on a UN CC:Learn supported pilot phase.

  • Regional Training Workshop on Climate Change Education Brings together Participants from 13 Countries

    29 mayo 2014 | Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

    The UN CC:Learn programme in the Dominican Republic has developed a national programme for training teachers on climate change. 

  • Academia Meets in Bandung, Indonesia, to Ponder the Best Ways in which to Organise Knowledge for Climate Change

    11 febrero 2014 | Bandung, Indonesia

    The Indonesia National Council on Climate Change in collaboration with the Institute of Technology of Bandung organized a workshop on climate change knowledge management on February 11, 2014. The event was part of the implementation of the National Climate Change Learning Strategy of Indonesia. 160 participants took part in the workshop.

  • UN CC:Learn to Be Scaled Up Across Central America

    07 febrero 2014 | El Salvador

    The eight Presidents of the Central America Integration System (SICA) have officially decided to scale-up the UN CC:Learn programme in the region. The Dominican Republic presented the results of their national UN CC:Learn project to SICA members who agreed on January 29th 2014 to work towards the implementation of similar activities in their countries.

  • Training for Climate Negotiators Organized in Benin

    23 enero 2014 | Cotonou, Benin

    Thirty negotiators from Benin were trained on the subject of climate change negotiation during a three day workshop in Ouidah. The event was organized by Ministry of Environment of Benin, in partnership with the Centre d’éducation à distance (CED-Benin) and the Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (IFDD).

  • Indonesia Trains National and Sub-National Decision-Makers on REDD+

    22 enero 2014 | West Kalimatan, Indonesia

    The National Council on Climate Change (DNPI) and the Ministry of Forestry (MoF) of Indonesia organized a training workshop for decision-makers in Pontianak, West Kalimantan on 21-22 January 2014 to support the implementation of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD +). 

  • Climate Change Training for Health Surveillance Assistants

    02 diciembre 2013 | Malawi

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) organized frontline training workshops on Climate Change for Health Surveillance Assistants in all the three regions in Malawi.