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Decarbonization and Why It's Not Happening @SB50


The classroom starts with the assumption that decarbonization is one of the most important actions towards achieving the Paris Agreement objectives. But current trends indicate that decarbonization is not happening really at any main domain (finance portfolios, production processes, energy generation etc.). There are various reasons why this is not happening including the inadequate economic models that are used to assess, evaluate investments and infrastructure projects as well as models to forecast economic growth and produce relevant scenarios. Most of these models rely on the so-called “neoclassical theory of economic growth” the assumptions of which are not capable to capture the reality the future needed development paradigm. The classroom puts forward some proposals to tackle these issues and asks participants to provide their views. It concludes with some main messages for policy planning. 


Stefanos Fotiou is an accomplished and well renowned expert on environment and sustainable development and currently serving as the Director or the Environment and Development Division in the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific. In this capacity Stefanos is responsible for the planning and implementation of the UN ESCAP work on natural resources management, climate change, sustainable urban development and green economy. Prior to this Stefanos worked for 10 years in the UN Environment in various roles in the Economy Division and in the Asia-Pacific office. Throughout his 25 years professional career,  Stefanos has taken leading roles in international forums, had conceptualised and let the development of regional and national strategies on environment and sustainable development He holds a PhD in Natural Resource Economics, an Executive MSc in Information Systems and a Master Degree in Forestry and Natural Environment.



Save the date! 

Our Climate Classroom will take place at 11am on Thursday June 20th at the World Conference Center, Rhin Level.