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Climate Science Rationale for Adaptation @SB50


Climate Rationale provides an initial outline for the concept, methodology, data and other technical resources for enhancing the climate science basis of all Green Climate Fund (GCF) funded projects and activities. It describes the role of such climate scientific evidence in providing a rationale for transformative climate action.  It delineates the value chain through which climate science, data and products inform decisions to effectively address the risks and adapt to a changing climate.  It explores the climate science elements of a GCF climate rationale applicable to all GCF funded projects and activities, creating value beyond the GCF.  Finally, the note outlines how to facilitate the articulation of the climate science basis of the climate rationale for all GCF funded projects and activities, through the establishment of a platform for structured access, guidance and envisioned hands-on implementation support mechanism.  


Mr Amir H. Delju is Senior Scientific Coordinator in Climate Prediction and Adaptation Branch of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), since 2004.  He coordinates WMO’s contribution to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its constituencies, mainly on adaptation and related issues. Mr Delju is PhD candidate from Neuchâtel University, Switzerland, on interdisciplinary study of climate change and migration with a focus on drought. He holds a Master of Science degree from Tehran University in Physical Geography, with concentration in climatology. He also has a degree on climatology from WMO Regional Training Center (RTC), Tehran. He has been author and co-author of a number of peer reviewed papers in scientific journals and many WMO publications on climate science and adaptation


WMO and Climate Change

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