General Documents

Agenda SG9_GEN-1 
Logistical Note SG9_GEN-2
List of Participants SG9_GEN-3
UN CC:Learn Presentation SG9_GEN-4
UN CC:Learn Presentation: Promoting Global Climate Literacy SG9_GEN-5
UN CC:Learn Presentation: Country Engagement SG9_GEN-6
UN Climate Change Presentation: Action for Climate Empowerment SG9_GEN-7
WMO Presentation: Course on Integrating Climate Risks Information into NAPs SG9_GEN-8
IMO Presentation: Course on the Energy Efficient Ship Operation SG9_GEN-9
FAO Presentation:  The NAP Readiness Programme SG9_GEN-10
MIET-Africa Presentation: Care and Support for Teaching and Learning SG9_GEN-11
NDC Partnership Presentation: Country Engagement and Capacity-Building SG9_GEN-12

Discussion Documents

UN CC:Learn Logframe  SG9_D-1
Annual Work Plan 2019  SG9_D-2
Official Expression of Interest – Government of Kenya  SG9_D-3
Official Expression of Interest – Government of the Kyrgyz Republic  SG9_D-4
Official Expression of Interest – Government of Zambia  SG9_D-5
UN CC:Learn Expression of Interest – NDC Partnership  SG9_D-6 
Concept Note for UN CC:Learn Programme in Southern Africa  SG9_D-7
Concept Note for UN CC: Learn West African Hub  SG9_D-8

Information Documents

UN CC:Learn 2017-2020 – Project Document  SG9_INF-1
UN CC:Learn Narrative Report 2018  SG9_INF-2
8th Steering Group Meeting of UN CC:Learn – Final Report  SG9_INF-3
2018 Country Exchange Workshop – Final Report  SG9_INF-4
Concept for Revision of the UN CC:Learn Knowledge-sharing Platform  SG9_INF-5
UN CC:Learn e-Learning Platform Link
Introductory Course on Climate Change in Arabic Link
Course – Fundamentals on REDD+ Link
Course – Advancing on REDD+ Link
Course – Introduction to Green Economy Link
Open Online Course on Gender and Environment Link
E-tutorial – Keeping the Taps Running in a Changing Climate Link
Concept Note for E-Course on Integrating Climate Risk Information into NAP  SG9_INF-6
Climate Classroom Brochure  SG9_INF-7
List of UN CC:Learn Partner Countries  SG9_INF-8
ACE Decision  SG9_INF-9