ITU Symposium on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change

18 March 2013. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are fundamental to monitor climate change, mitigate and adapt to its effects and assist in the transition towards a green economy. To promote knowledge sharing and capacity building in this area, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) together with the Ministry for Economic Development of Italy is organizing the 8th Symposium on ICTs, the Environment and Climate Change, hosted by Telecom Italia. The Symposium will be held on 6-7 May 2013 at Telecom Italia’s innovation laboratories in Turin, Italy. This is the eighth symposium on climate change following events held between 2008 and 2012 in Kyoto, London, Quito, Seoul, Cairo, Accra and Montreal.  

This years’ edition of the symposium is dedicated to the theme of Smart Sustainable Cities and it will focus on the issue of information and communication technologies (ICTs), the environment and climate change, and the needs for smart green ICT technologies. Topics to be discussed will include, inter alia, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, e-waste, disaster preparedness, cost-effective ICT technologies, methodologies for the environmental impact assessment of ICTs, ICT technologies for smart cities and smart societies, as well as challenges and opportunities in the transition to a green and resource efficient economy.

The symposium comprises 7 sessions over 2 days:

  • Session 1 – Energy efficiency, clean power and the smart grid as engine for urban sustainable growth
    This session will address the need to integrate the strategies in reducing energy use, increasing distributed renewable energy generation, and increasing the intelligence of the grid, including the smart grid. It will also explore how integrated ICT solutions can help play a role in developing a more sustainable, energy-efficient future.
  • Session 2 – Assessing the environmental impact in cities
    This session will discuss the role of standardized methodologies for the ICT sector in order to provide an accurate, reliable tool for assessing its environmental impact in cities and the gains in social and economic welfare that green ICTs can achieve in cities. 
  • Session 3 – Integrated ICT solutions for smart sustainable cities and empowered citizens
    This session will present some global initiatives and examples of how ICT based solutions can drive green and sustainable growth of cities.
  • Session 4 – Tackling e-waste and solid waste issues in cities
    This session will provide a platform to discuss possible next steps on e-waste.
  • Session 5 – Climate change adaptation and emergency telecommunications in urban areas
    This session will provide an overview on the use of ICTs for climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and disaster management; policy, legal and regulatory frameworks; early warning systems; international cooperation for disaster management in urban contexts.
  • Session 6 – ICTs to monitor the climate
    This session will discuss ICTs as key instruments for monitoring systems for weather forecasting, climate monitoring, and predicting, detecting and mitigating the effects of natural disasters. 
  • Session 7 – Smart sustainable cities
    This session will give an overview of how the strategic application of ICT goods networks and services can help cities to be smart and sustainable, meeting their challenges in providing services to citizens and managing their infrastructure in a sustainable manner that secures economic viability for the present and future, as well as reduces their impact on the environment.

The Symposium will bring together leading specialists in the field, from top policy-makers to engineers, designers, planners, government officials, regulators, standards experts and others. To register for free, please see:

The event will be held in conjunction with the first meeting of the ITU-T Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities (to be held on 8 May 2013 at the same venue) and the Workshop on Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (to be held on 9 May 2013 at the same venue). For further information about these events please see:

For further information about the Symposium please contact Jose María Díaz Batanero ( or visit: For further information about ITU and climate change please see: