The National Climate Change Learning Strategy

The Right Honourable Ms Halima Daud MP, the Malawi Minister for Environment and Climate Change Management, launched the Malawi’s Strategy on Climate Change Learning on 18 September 2013, in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The Strategy sets out a vision that "Malawi will become a knowledge-driven climate change resilient population by 2030, pursuing a low carbon emission development path" and will contribute to the ideals of the Climate Change Policy. The overall goal of the Strategy is to strengthen human resources and skills development for the advancement of green, low emission and climate resilient development.

The Strategy defines a series of actions and activities under the following three strategic objectives:

  1. Develop a critical mass of human resources with the requisite understanding, knowledge and skills to respond to the impacts of climate change
  2. Strengthen national institutions and systems that will spearhead climate change training initiatives
  3. Develop a sustainable financing mechanism for climate change learning programmes.

The overall responsibility of implementing the Strategy is with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management through the National Climate Change Programme office, in collaboration with line ministries, national training and learning instutions and other stakeholders. 

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