Workshop on Enhancing Climate Indices for Sector-Specific Applications

10 Jun 2013 - 14 Jun 2013
Guayaquil, Ecuador

This workshop aims to enhance the use of climate information in the agriculture, water and health sectors for Climate Risk Management (CRM) and adaptation, through interdisciplinary analysis and interpretation of sector-specific climate indices.

The specific objectives of the workshop include:

- To bring participants together from the countries in South America from the meteorological and sectoral communities (possibly agriculture, health, e.g.);
- To briefly review how sectors currently use climate indices and indicators for CRM and adaptation and gauge the requirements for improved understanding and application of climate information in decision-making;
- To introduce and describe the new software and to apply the tools to create sector-specific indices for the region;
- To analyse and interpret the results from sector perspectives;
- To assess the software, process and outcomes;
- To use sector expertise to enhance indices and software tools;
- To enhance interdisciplinary networking; and
- To make recommendations for further activities.

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