Symposium on Education & Training for Environmental Services

2 Sep 2013 - 6 Sep 2013
Toulouse, France

This symposium aims to stimulate and facilitate the development of education and training capacities within the worldwide meteorological and hydrological community and to recommend possible new avenues for development. It engages the heads of meteorological/hydrological training institutions in discussions that address key education and training topics aimed at helping World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Members enhance their capacity to meet needs for weather, climate, water and related environmental services and information in order to manage enviromental risks.

The key objectives of this symposium include:

- To identify and analyze current and upcoming education and training needs for critical service areas;

- To review progress on clarifying the roles of Regional Training Centres;

- To examine WMO qualifications and competency strategies;

- To review progress made in the expansion of e-Learning opportunities and create strategies for future expansion;

- To review and discuss the new WMO training competencies and guidelines; and;

- To plan for training management development and training capability frameworks. 

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