Short Course on Climate Change Adaptation: The Soil-Water Nexus

9 Oct 2013 - 8 Nov 2013
Dresden, Germany

This short course focuses on causes and dimensions of soil and water degradation, on adaptive conservation and reclamation technologies as well as on integrated soil and watershed management. Strategies for the protection of soils by a sustainable land-use management are also discussed; principles of irrigation, reservoir design, and drinking water distribution are highlighted. Excursions to various sites inform about the latest developments in the field of soil and water management. Lectures are held by professors of Technische Universität Dresden and experts from other environmental institutions in Germany and abroad. During this course, participants are expected to acquire knowledge and skills to be able to contribute to the development of integrated sound strategies towards land-use, soil and water management.

UN Organisation(s): 
Centre for International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management, Technische Universitat Dresden, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, German Federal Environmental Agency