E-learning Course on Negotiating Climate Change Adaptation and Loss and Damage: from Cancun and Beyond

15 Oct 2012 - 16 Nov 2012

This online course aims to facilitate international negotiations, public sector work, and diplomatic engagement in relation to climate change impacts and adaptation measures through an enhanced understanding of its science, the international policy framework, and the key negotiation issues pertinent to the UNFCCC process. At the end of the course, participants should be able to: 1) comprehend climate change science and the observed and projected impacts of climate change; 2) track and explain the international adaptation and loss and damage policy framework, in particular the negotiations under the UNFCCC; 3) define and understand adaptation, loss and damage from climate change impacts and its links to mitigation; 4) appreciate international considerations for climate change decision-making; and 5) appraise the key issues in the ongoing international climate change negotiations, and how to build and move forward from the Cancun Adaptation Framework and the outcomes of COP17.

UN Organisation(s): 
UNU, Germanwatch, Loss and Damage Vulnerable Countries Initiative, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative, International Centre for Climate Change and Development, Climate Development and Knowledge Network