Investing in People and Learning to Foster a Climate Resilient and Green Transition


Ambassadors for Climate Change Learning are individuals that have played a key role in the national UN CC:Learn pilot projects and are motivated to share their technical knowledge and experiences with new partner countries on a bilateral or regional basis. They also contribute to strengthening the global visibility and recognition of the UN CC:Learn partnership. Ambassadors can be drawn either from participating countries or global partners.

“Human capacity is the most important variable that determines whether our country is able to address the challenge of climate change and achieve sustainable development.”

-Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu, Minister of Water and Environment of Uganda-



4 Dec | Lima, Peru

UN CC:Learn Ambassadors at COP20

UN CC:Learn Ambassadors from four countries shared their first hand experience on climate change education and training with the people of Peru at COP20.

8 Dec | Lima, Peru

Mr. Daniel Abreu moderates COP20 side event

This unusual side event at the annual Climate Conference in Lima provided a snapshot of what the United Nations is doing to support climate change education and training for children, youth and adults.


10 Mar | Lilongwe, Malawi/Kampala, Uganda/Geneva, Switzerland

Exchange on climate change education between Malawi and Uganda

Experience-sharing on climate change education activities in Malawi and Uganda facilitated by our Ambassadors.

4 Nov | Lilongwe, Malawi/St. Gallen, Switzerland

Ms. Shamiso Najira moderates YCD

The Youth Climate Dialogue (YCD) between high schools in Malawi and Switzerland was facilitated by our Ambassadors Shamiso.

9 Nov | Lilongwe, Malawi/St. Gallen, Switzerland

Ms. Shamiso Najira partecipates in YCD debate

Shamiso presented the material produced by the students of the Lilongwe Secondary School and shared her experience with a broad audience during a public event presenting the YCD exchange.

13 Nov | Jakarta, Indonesia

Mr. Doddy Sukadri raises awareness on climate change in Indonesia

Mr. Doddy Sukadri published newspaper article reflecting on climate change negotiations at COP21.

17 Nov | Koudougou, Burkina Faso

Mr. Leonce Glèlè Ahanhanzo supports workshop in Burkina Faso

Mr. Leonce Glèlè Ahanhanzo shared his input during national UN CC:Learn workshop reviewing the assessment of learning needs and delivery capacities and identifying priority actions for the National Strategy in Burkina Faso.

2 Dec | Lugano, Switzerland/Kampala, Uganda

YCD between Switzerland and Uganda

A Youth Climate Dialogue (YCD) between schools in Siwtzerland and Uganda took place in December 2015. The organization of this exchange was facilitated by Ambassador Bob Natifu. 

2 Dec | Paris, France

UN CC:Learn ambassador experiences filmed at COP21

Ambassadors from Malawi and Uganda were interviewed by UN CC:Learn team at COP21.

4 Dec | Paris, France

YCD video projected at COP21

YCD initiative featured at UN Alliance side event on informal education at COP21. Our ambassador Shamiso's interview on screen as part of YCD video.

10 Dec | Paris, France

Mr. Ramirez Tejada on REDD+

Mr. Ramirez Tejada participated in a press conference on REDD+ with the Minister of Environment of Panama at COP21. 

15 Dec | Jakarta, Indonesia

Mr. Doddy Sukadri on the Paris Agreement

Mr. Doddy Sukadri wrote follow-up article on the outcomes of COP21. 


23 Feb | Geneva, Switzerland

UN CC:Learn Ambassadors at Country Exchange Workshop

Mr. Daniel Abreu, Mr. Médard Ouinakonhan and Ms. Shamiso Najira shared their knowledge and experiences on the promotion of climate change learning with UN CC:Learn partner countries.

2 Aug | Bonn, Germany

ACE Workshop Summary Video is Now Available!

Our ambassadors from the Dominican Republic, Mr. Omar Ramírez Tejada and Mr. Daniel Abreu Mejia, shared experiences and exchanged ideas in the workshop. Watch the summary video here

20 Oct | Nabbingo, Uganda

UN CC:Learn Ambassador Facilitates Second YCD in Uganda

As part of the organization of a new YCD, Mr. Bob Natifu visited the Trinity College Nabbingo to discuss with the members of the school debating club about climate change, including impacts, challenges and solutions.

9 Nov | Marrakesh, Morocco

Mr. Bob Natifu Inaugurated the First Climate Classroom @ COP22

As part of his participation in COP22, Mr. Bob Natifu from Uganda launched the Climate Classroom @ COP22, an innovative learning experience designed for anyone interested in getting up to speed on selected climate change topics.

Upcoming Activities

UN CC: Learn Ambassador Daniel Abreu will share the experience on training teachers in the Dominican Republic during the UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development: The Role of Education (6-10 March 2017, Ottawa, Canada)

UN CC:Learn Ambassadors to facilitate additional Youth Climate Dialogues (January 2017 - July 2017)

UN CC:Learn Ambassadors to continue sharing their experience with new countries (ongoing)


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