Advanced Learning Packages


Organizations within and outside of the UN system have developed a number of high quality learning materials and resources on various topics relevant to climate change. Given the wealth of existing learning resources, interested learners often face difficulties in identifying materials that match their learning needs.

One of the objectives of UN CC:Learn is to facilitate access to existing climate change learning materials and support the development of complementary learning resources, as appropriate. The compilation of Advanced Learning Packages on Priority Topics of Climate Change (ALPs) contributes to this objective. ALPs are compiled for selected topics of climate change (e.g. climate change finance) for which a wealth of learning resources is available and that have been identified as important topics from a country perspective. An ALP includes a Resource Guide which directs a user to specific learning materials and courses, as well as selected reference materials relevant for learning.

Resource Guides to Climate Change Learning Materials

The Resource Guides to Climate Change Learning Materials can be considered a guided tour to existing climate change learning resources included in the ALP. They are written from the perspective of a learner seeking to obtain an understanding what learning materials are available for a specific learning topic.

An important aspect of preparing a Resource Guide is to identify potential targets groups, define pertinent learning topics and select relevant and high-quality learning resources, such as powerpoint presentations, curricula, train-the-trainers guides, multimedia resources,etc.

The process of developing a Resource Guide for a particular topic includes the following: 

  • Identification of learning topics and target audience 
  • Definition of selection criteria for resources
  • Selection of quality materials and resources relevant for learning 
  • Preparation of Fact Sheets for selected written materials and courses 
  • Development of content of the Resource Guide 
  • Development of a web-based tool

An important aspect of this process is to identify possible gaps of learning resources and explore the development of complementary resources through UN CC:Learn, or UN CC:Learn partners.

Resource Guides are made available as hard copies and as a web-based resource with linkages to the respective learning resources/materials.


The first series of Resource Guides covers the following topics:

  • Integrating Climate Change in Education at Primary and Secondary Level
  • Fundamentals of Climate Change Science
  • Predicting and Projecting Climate Change
  • Understanding the Climate Change and Health Interface