Release of The Challenges of Climate Change - Children on the Front Line

30 July 2014. Children and young people represent 30 per cent of the world’s population. They are also more vulnerable than adults to the harmful effects of climate change, and represent the generation that will need to do the most work to combat it. In order to raise awareness and share research results on  these issues, the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) released a book on children and climate change. It brings together the knowledge and opinions of 40 contributors - scientists, development workers, and experts in health, nutrition and children’s rights - in an attempt to build up a clear picture of what climate change means for the children of today and tomorrow. The book is available either in pdf or e-book form.

This book contains positive examples from all over the world of young people who are making a difference and offering their special perspective. They are raising awareness in their own communities, organizing conservation projects, promoting renewable energy and taking political action in support of sustainability and climate justice. 

The book aims to inject fresh urgency into the international debate on how to mitigate climate change and how to adapt to its effects by developping the following topics:

Section 1: The reality of climate change
Section 2: The impacts of climate change on children
Section 3: Climate adaptation and children
Section 4: Child rights and climate change
Section 5: Child participation to climate change
Section 6: Young people leading on climate change
Section 7: Where next?

The pdf version of the document can be found in the UN CC:Learn library. An e-book version of the document is also available on UNICEF's website.